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How To Measure Speaker Size

How To Measure Speaker Size

Getting an appreciation of sound requires a 3D understanding. To replace a broken speaker, you should know how to measure speaker size and each dimension. Songs simply do not sound right when you have a broken speaker. To fully enjoy your audio, you will want to replace that speaker as quickly as possible. To do …

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Best Skullcandy Headphones

Best Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy is a popular company within the audio accessory market, selling headphones and speakers as well as other audio-centric products. Lots of people may remember Skullcandy’s original branding was quite bold and colorful, back in 2008 Fortune magazine branded their headphones as “the world’s coolest earbuds”. However, they have recently re-emerged in this market with …

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Best Headphones Under 300

Best Headphones Under $300

Whether it’s listening to your favorite tunes, blocking out noise on the commute home from work, or concentrating on your favorite video game, headphones are becoming more and more of a necessity in our contemporary, technology fuelled society. There is so much that we need our headphones for, from relaxing, to working and beyond. Headphones …

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How To Mount Speakers On A Wall

Speakers are the most important part of any audio chain! They’re the last link in the chain before the sound reaches your ears (aside from the room itself, of course), and they’re the thing that’s most responsible for not just the production of the sound, but the character of the sound itself too! Speakers are …

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Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, a quality pair of headphones can make a huge impact on the whole experience, increasing your immersion, improving sound quality and even helping you improve your individual performance! Sound design is one of the most integral and innovative aspects of game design. And whether it’s a competitive advantage you seek, …

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