Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie or listening to your favorite tunes, your computer’s built-in speakers usually aren’t good enough to give you that full-sounding, immersive audio quality.

Even the most high-end computers can make your concert videos sound like you were a hundred miles from the stage!

That’s why so many people go for a separate set of speakers that they can connect to their computer or laptop. However, with so many different brands and devices to choose from, it can be a nightmare trying to work out what the best speaker system is for your setup.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and made this handy little guide to give you a better understanding of which speakers are best suited for your needs.

Best Computer Speakers Under 100

Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers

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Amazon is a company that’s pretty well known for producing good quality electronic devices at affordable prices, and these speakers are no different.

With a simple USB connection, you can have a speaker either side of your computer screen and configure them to give a really cool surround sound effect.

These speakers are pretty simple in their design, featuring a blue LED accent light to make them stylish, without being too distracting.

The 2.4W total power output leaves a little to be desired, so you won’t be getting the loudest speakers in the world with these. However, for the very low price you’ll pay for them, they’ll still do a pretty good job.


  • USB connection – Probably the simplest way to set up your speakers and runs very little risk of being faulty
  • Sleek design – The silver finish and blue LED lights will fit the aesthetic of most peoples’ rooms
  • Price – One of the most budget-friendly speaker sets on the market


  • Blue LED lights not optional – Unfortunately, there’s no option to turn off the blue LED lights
  • 2.4W power output – This means each of the speakers only receives 1.2W of power, giving these speakers a pretty low maximum volume

Sanyun SW102

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These speakers from Sanyun use some pretty impressive audio technology to produce a high quality sound, without the speakers taking up too much space on your desk.

Their metal base ensures the sound produced is steadier, without causing vibrations. They are designed to provide a 360 degree surround sound effect when configured properly and this configuration can be done with pretty much any computer setup.

Also, these speakers come with USB or AUX connectivity, to allow you to connect them to a wide range of devices.

Naturally, because they are so small, the overall sound quality won’t be as good as some larger, more expensive speakers (you might notice this particularly with bass sounds). However, with 10W of total power output, you’ll be able to crank these babies up louder than you’ll probably even need to!


  • Elliptical structure – These speakers are specifically designed to transmit sound efficiently through the room without causing vibrations
  • 360 degree surround sound effect – With the speakers placed 1 meter apart, and your seat 1 meter away from each, you’ll experience the effects of full surround sound
  • 10W power output – Definitely enough power to produce all the volume you’ll need
  • USB and AUX compatibility – Gives you flexibility over how you connect your speakers and what devices you can connect them to


  • Sound quality – These speakers won’t be able to replicate the sound quality of high end systems with subwoofers

Logitech S120

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Logitech is another well-known name in the home electronics market and these speakers represent some of the most affordable stereo speakers you can get.

These speakers really are designed to be simple, yet effective. They can connect to your computer and laptop via AUX only and customer reviews state that they produce a surprisingly high audio quality for something so affordable.

The thin, tower-like design means they take up very little space on a desk and the mesh screen over the speaker cups gives the impression of professional standard audio equipment, even though it’s not.

They only put out 2.2W of power, so they won’t be very loud at max volume, but they’re one of the cheapest on the market and represent excellent value for the money.


  • Price – These are by far some of the least expensive speakers you can find online
  • Space saving design – The design not only looks good but doesn’t take up much space on your desk either
  • Surprisingly high quality audio – The customer reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the audio quality of these speakers


  • AUX connectivity only – Doesn’t offer USB connectivity, which reduces compatibility with some devices
  • 2.2W power output – You can definitely find more powerful speakers, though not at this price

Creative Pebble

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These speakers from Creative definitely use their unique style to draw people’s attention before wowing them with their high quality sound.

As the name suggests, the speakers are designed with a pebble-like shape and can be ordered in either black or white. It’s a pretty unique, interesting design and the flexibility of color means it can fit a few different aesthetics.

They connect via a single USB or AUX cable to make setup easy and won’t clutter up your desk. They also have a front facing volume control knob to make it easy to control how loud you want your sound without even having to touch your computer.

Not to mention, these speakers are designed to project music effectively and enhance bass reproduction as much as possible.

In general, these are some of the best all-round speakers you can find online. There’s a reason they’re one of Amazon’s best selling computer speakers!


  • Unique design – Their shape not only enhances the sound quality, but looks cool too
  • Single USB or AUX cable – Makes setting them up as easy as plugging them in
  • Simple controls – The single volume control knob leaves little mystery in using the speakers
  • Best all-rounder – These speakers really do cover all the bases you need


  • None – They really are that good!

Reddragon GS520 Anvil

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The final set of computer speakers on our list are some of the biggest and most expensive. If you’re looking for top quality audio and don’t mind spending a little extra for it, these speakers might be the ones for you.

With USB connectivity, AUX connectivity and a simple front facing control interface, these speakers are super easy to set up and use.

As well as priding itself on having high quality audio production with clear bass and brushed textures, the GS520 also sports a pretty interesting design. It has 6 different RGB modes for its colorful LED lights that can be switched between using touch control.

However, despite the good audio quality and flashy design, these speakers only output 3W of power, so the max volume won’t be as high as some other speakers at this price.


  • Good audio quality – Some of the best speakers on this list in terms of overall sound quality
  • LED lights – Provides a fun and interesting aesthetic for your setup
  • Easy to set up and use – Simple cables and buttons, as well as touch control, make these speakers very user friendly


  • Price – One of the most expensive speakers on this list
  • 3W power output – Means the max volume of these speakers isn’t particularly high

Buyer’s Guide

If none of these speakers seem like the right ones for your specific needs, you should definitely take a look around at some others that are available online. These are some of the factors you should consider when doing your own speaker shopping:

  • Power output – Power for speakers is measured in watts and, as you might expect, more watts means more power. A more powerful speaker will have a higher maximum volume without distorting the audio quality. Anything under 2W of total power output should definitely be avoided.
  • Design – This part is largely subjective but you should consider how the speaker will look on your desk, next to your computer. You might find that the whole setup will be unpleasant to look at if the speakers don’t match your aesthetic.
  • Connectivity options – Make sure you think about what devices you want to connect your speakers to. For use with just computers, a USB connection will be all you need. However, consider if you want to be able to connect them to a phone or tablet too, in which case you’ll want AUX connectivity as well.
  • Audio quality – This is something that’s much harder to determine when shopping online, so make sure you check customer reviews to find out what others have said about the audio quality of the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cheap PC speakers?

In terms of value for money, the Creative Pebble speakers provide a great audio quality without being too expensive.

However, if you’re looking for something really cheap but still with alright quality, we recommend going with the Logitech S120

How much should you pay for PC speakers?

Obviously, it depends on how much you care about audio quality, but for good budget options you should be paying around 20-50 dollars.

If you’re paying less than 10 or 15, you’ll likely have a very poor quality speaker. Anything over 100 is when you get into really high audio quality territory and is probably a bit unnecessary for a PC setup.