Best In-Wall Speakers

By Gina

If you want to achieve a cinematic vibe at home, you may want to consider purchasing in-wall speakers.

These products are great at surrounding yourself with sound. This will be advantageous for music lovers and fans of movies.

Though there are lots of great products out there, we have chosen some of the best to save you time and money.

1. Micca M-8S 2-Way In-Wall Speaker

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Firstly, this in-wall speaker from Micca gives incredible sound quality. Plus, it has a unique aesthetic. When the cover is removed, the speaker has orange detailings that look super slick.

This white covering can easily be painted, meaning that you can seamlessly match your decor.


  • 6.5 or 8 inches: with 2 sizes to choose from, you can find the one that fits best.
  • Paintable: you can paint the exterior of this speaker to blend the aesthetic style of your home. For instance, if you have duck egg blue walls, you can use this paint on the speaker.
  • Simple installation: a useful template will guide you through the installation process. The built-in mounting tabs make the installation even more straightforward.
  • Wonderful woofer: for brilliant bass, you cannot go wrong with this woofer.
  • 1-inch dome tweeter: this silk tweeter, which gives a crystal clear sound, will be loved by music fans. The woofer and the tweeter work brilliantly together due to a 12dB crossover network.


  • Some installation problems: though we found these speakers easy to install, other customers have complained of having difficulty. If you are concerned about the installation process, you may want to consider getting one of the other speakers on this list.

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2. Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers

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Up next, if you are looking for solid sound quality, you have come to the right place. What we love most about these speakers is their versatility.

They are available in a range of sizes and wattages, ranging from 100W to 300W.

This makes the product more flexible as you find a speaker that suits you best. Based on our experiences, here is our product review:


  • Kevlar fiber cone: If you crave clear bass, this cone will provide amazing sound without distortion.
  • Minimalist look: thanks to the lack of logos, these speakers have a clean and simple look that is nonetheless very effective. Consequently, it is unlikely to clash with the stylings of your home.
  • Range of sizes: these speakers are available in a number of sizes. You can choose from 5.25, 6.5, 8, or 10 inches. This range of customization is impressive, giving you the ability to choose whatever size works best.
  • Titanium silk tweeters: to provide defined sound, these speakers have been fitted with titanium silk domes.


  • The sound quality could be improved: though the sound on these speakers is acceptable, it is underwhelming when compared to more expensive models. If you are quite picky when it comes to sound quality, you may want to spend a little extra to ensure top quality.

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3. Polk Audio RC55i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers

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When it comes to speakers and audio-related products, Polk Audio is one of the biggest brands in the industry.

It has garnered a good reputation, thanks to its decades of experience.

These in-wall speakers are worthy of this sensational reputation. They have loads of incredible features, such as:


  • Slim profile: these speakers are ridiculously thin, enabling them to effortlessly fit into your home. In fact, they are so thin that they will be virtually impossible to spot. This profile shows impressive craftsmanship.
  • Straightforward setup: coming with all the equipment that you will need for installation, these Polk speakers are super simple to install.
  • Rubber seal drives: this feature will stop moisture from accessing the speakers, meaning you can put them in kitchens, bathrooms, and even some porches.
  • Fully compatible: these in-wall speakers are compatible with other Polk products.


  • Expensive: these speakers are higher in cost than most other in-wall units. Fundamentally, you are paying more money for the brand and fantastic features. Therefore, you should only think about investing in them if you are happy to spend more money. If your budget is quite narrow, you may want to consider a different brand. Other models, such as the RC55i, are even more expensive.

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4. Pyle Pair Flush Mount in-Wall in-Ceiling Speakers

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Are you looking for some budget-friendly in-wall speakers? If you are, this is the optimal product for you.

The affordable price tag of these speakers is not their only fabulous feature. Their simple circular shape is convenient to install into your wall.

This simple installation is reflected in its dense design. Whether you are using them in your home or office, you are sure to love these speakers.


  • Walls or ceiling: you can choose whether you want to install these speakers into the wall or ceiling. This results in them being quite flexible products.
  • Great grill: the grills on these speakers are stain-resistant, meaning that you do not need to be concerned about them becoming dirty.
  • Compact design: Pyle’s 5.25” in-wall speakers are incredibly compact. Therefore, they take up hardly any space.
  • Environmentally friendly: the speakers are constructed from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is more nature friendly than a lot of other speaker materials.


  • Not very durable: these speakers are prone to breaking. This is perhaps a downfall of their cheaper price, as stronger materials are found in more expensive models.

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5. Klipsch R-5502-W II In-Wall Speaker

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Last but not least, this in-wall speaker from Klipsch will be the perfect product for people who are crazy about music.

What we particularly love about this product is its distinctive aesthetic design.

Though the product costs a little more than other speakers, it is worth the cost for all these beneficial features.


  • Mounted horizontally or vertically: this speaker can be fitted either way, allowing you to choose which way works best for you.
  • Sophisticated grill: the magnetic grill has an elegant aesthetic that will blend into most rooms.
  • Horn-loaded technology: this will enhance the acoustic output without harmful distortion.
  • Stylish aesthetic: this speaker will look super awesome on your walls. They have a timeless look that can be matched to most aesthetics.


  • Costly: compared to its rivals, this Klipsch speaker is significantly more expensive. Consequently, the product will only be suitable for customers who are satisfied with spending more money on their speakers.

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Buyer’s Guide

The recommendations above will enhance your knowledge of in-wall speakers. Now you will be able to identify some of the most and least desirable features.

However, shopping for a good quality in-wall speaker may actually be tougher than it seems at first glance.

The reason for this is that there are multiple factors that you must consider.

These factors will influence whether or not a product is right for you. To make your shopping experience less stressful, we have highlighted some of these key factors below.

We strongly urge you to contemplate them before you begin shopping.


As you may have noticed, in-wall speakers are sold at varying prices. As a result, you will need to think about the amount you are willing to spend.

This will be especially important if you are shopping with a smaller budget, as this will limit the number of products that you can purchase.

When shopping online, you can filter your results so that you can remove any products that are outside of your budget.

Sound Quality

The main purpose of a speaker is to provide incredible sound that immerses you in your music or film experience.

Because of this, you will want a speaker that has outstanding sound quality. All of the speakers on this list have exceptional sound production.

Of course, there will be disparities in the quality of their sound. If you are quite picky about this factor, you should research how good the sound of a speaker is.


You may want to consider the aesthetic of the speakers. Though some of these products can be painted (more information on that below), others cannot.

As a result, you will be stuck with their appearance and color.

If this is the case, you will want speakers that have a cool style. After all, in-wall speakers that are not paintable will stand out.


If you want your speaker to blend into the wall, you will need to find ones that can be painted over.

Otherwise, you will have a tough job matching the color of the wall to the color of the speakers.

Thankfully, a lot of these in-wall speakers are paintable. As a result, they will better match the decor of your home or studio.

Ideally, you should find a speaker with a white casing. These products will be easier to paint than darker models, which may need a few coats of paint to fully blend in.

Ease Of Use

This will be an especially important feature for those who are not very skilled when it comes to technology.

A speaker that is difficult to use will not be very efficient. You will likely need to spend some time getting to grips with it.

To stop this from happening, you should find a product that is simple to use. If their instructions seem overly complicated, you may want to avoid the speakers.


Nobody wants to spend loads of time and effort installing speakers. After all, people have better things to do with their time.

You will definitely desire an easy installation if you are not overly tech-savvy or good at DIY. Sadly, it can be hard to determine whether an installation method is easy.

One technique of doing this is to read any instructions you can find online. Another option is to read user reviews.

Though these are not always the most reliable sources of information, they can nonetheless give you an indication of how effortless an in-wall speaker is to install.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between In-Wall And In-Ceiling Speakers?

The main difference between these products is the area in which they can be installed.

As their names suggest, in-wall speakers are designed to be placed in walls, while in-ceiling ones are made to be put in the ceiling.

Because of this, their woofers vary. In-wall speakers have horizontal facing woofers, while the woofers of on-ceiling speakers are downward facing.

Can You Put An In-Ceiling Speaker On A Wall?

Generally, yes. As mentioned above, there is not a huge amount of difference between these two products.

However, this is not always the case. Ideally, you should purchase an in-wall speaker.