How To Connect A Sony Bluetooth Speaker

From tiny Bluetooth speakers for your pocket, to larger home speakers, and even the Sony SRS-RA3000 360 with voice control, Sony makes a range of speakers.

As a result, the company has gained a reputation as a leading competitor when it comes to producing amazing quality speakers that will enhance a music fan’s experience.

Sony has developed a wide range of speakers for different ends of the market in order for them to establish themselves amongst a variety of customers.

Sony has enabled customers to have portable speakers that can be taken and used just about anywhere! The sound quality and bass have all been taken to another level with each of their speakers, and for the people that really love music, they will appreciate the thought that has gone into them.

Getting Started *

Consider what you would use the speaker for before you buy one. Is listening to music while traveling something you often do alone, or do you share it with your friends and family? Do you just want to use the device for voice calls, or is it something you’d like to enhance your movie viewing experience?

You can start weighing out the various features, and choose the Bluetooth speaker that’s best for you once you’ve figured it all out.

There are so many Sony bluetooth speakers available, each devoted to a different experience, which is why it’s so crucial that you choose the right speaker before you connect and use it.

Here are three key things you must do before starting your connection to your Sony bluetooth speaker.

  • For information specific to your model, check its operating instructions or help guide.
  • The source device should be placed within one meter (3 feet) of the Bluetooth speaker.
  • It is important to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker and the source device are fully charged.

Having successfully ticked off these, you can then move on to the process of connecting your Sony Bluetooth speaker to your desired device.

Pairing The Bluetooth Speaker

  1. The speaker should be turned on. It will light up the power indicator or begin flashing the bluetooth indicator. If you are using a new Sony speaker for the first time, your Bluetooth indicator should flash quickly as it enters pairing mode automatically, at which point you should continue to step 3. However, in the event that you have a previously connected device in the proximity with Bluetooth enabled, the device will automatically reconnect. Be sure to turn off the device previously connected to the speaker if you want to connect with a different device, otherwise the process will not work.
  2. While holding the power pairing button, wait until you hear the voice guidance or that the Bluetooth indicator starts flashing rapidly. Once this happens, your speaker will begin to pair. At this stage you will be in the position to start pairing your device successfully.
  3. In order to detect the speaker, perform the pairing procedure on the Bluetooth source device you have chosen to use. This Sony speaker should appear on the list of other Bluetooth devices available for connecting. It is key to note that if you do not select the Sony speaker within 5 minutes, you will have to repeat these steps again. This is due to the speaker exiting pairing mode and you will have to turn off your speaker and start over. Do not worry though as it won’t mess up any chance of connecting. If a Passcode input is being required by the Bluetooth device, use the code 0000. PINs, Passwords, Passkeys, and PIN codes all refer to the Passcode.
  4. Check that the Bluetooth indicator has switched from flashing to a steady light. This should happen when you have successfully selected the speaker on the list to connect with. As soon as you have done this, start playing some music or whatever sounds you want to hear, and you are done.

What If I Still Can’t Connect My Speaker?

In some situations, your speaker may not come up on your smartphone or source device. Your process may not have been performed correctly or your device may be outdated and needs to be updated.

In some cases, this may not be the problem at all and your speaker could be the problem. See if Sony can help you with your specific model by contacting their online customer support services.

Most of the time, they can either solve the problem directly, or send out a new model in exchange for the faulty one you received.

Once you get a working speaker, you can now follow these steps again to finally connect your device.


A Sony Bluetooth speaker will surely enhance your music experience and provide you with music all around the house. Once you connect a device to the speaker, you’ll notice the difference immediately and your old listening habits will be gone.

As you currently listen to music on your speaker, you will realize just how simple the process has been made with the steps above.

In addition to portability, Bluetooth speakers also have the ability to withstand harsh conditions, such as beach sand or the steam from a sauna.