How To Make Headphones Louder?

By Gina

There are not many better feelings than sitting back, relaxing with your headphones in, and listening to your favorite tunes to take the stress away.

Whether you use headphones for listening to music, playing video games, or watching the latest TV shows, you will always want them to be crisp and clear.

Unfortunately, headphones can become damaged over time. You may find that you put them on one day and the sound quality is poorer than before.

This can be a time of concern for many as headphones do not always come cheap. The thought of buying a new pair is not ideal, especially if you want the best audio experience possible.

But, don’t worry! You may be able to return your headphones to their former glory. And we are here to show you how.

In this article, we will be running through various tips and tricks to help make your headphones louder so you can enjoy music, movies, and video games once again.

Adjust The Headphones Volume 

Okay, this one may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not realize that their headphones have an adjustable volume setting. Some manufacturers include specific settings to control the volume to your liking.

As you’re listening to music or watching TV, try moving some of the buttons or controls on the headphones and check if there are any changes.

Just be careful you do not turn the volume or bass (if this is an option) up too much as this can damage your hearing.

The best way of discovering whether your headphones have volume controls on them is to inspect the manufacturer’s manual. This usually includes a guide on how to improve the sound with that particular set of headphones.

It’s worth noting that some headphones are designed with a low, smooth sound. Such models may not be as punchy and crisp as you would like and no amount of volume adjusting will solve this.

Make sure you confirm that the sound of the headphone is suitable for you before purchasing. 

Adjusting The Settings 

As well as turning the volume up and down on your device, there are other settings you can adjust to improve the sound quality.

You can also adjust the settings of an open-back headset or the actual device without even noticing. This is usually the reason why listeners experience a change in sound volume for no apparent cause.

You can simply go to the settings to check if there is an issue, but different devices sport different settings. 


For android users, you need to head to your settings and select the sound section. Here, you will find different sound settings that can be adjusted. 

Click the media setting and simply adjust this to the sound you are comfortable with. This can be achieved when listening to music as a guide to the ideal sound level for you. 


If you are an Apple user, you need to navigate to settings and select music. Now, scroll down to find playback. Here, adjust the volume limit. Confirm your choice by playing some music on your Apple device to see if the sound has improved. 


If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you will see a speaker symbol on the notification bar. Simply select this symbol and click it to adjust the volume of your headphones once they are plugged in. 

You can also check the keyboard. There are certain keys that can adjust the volume without interfering with your computer screen. Inspect your keyboard and look for a speaker symsbol.

If there is one, it should be accompanied by an “add” and “reduce” sign. Simply click these to turn your headphone’s speaker volume up or down.

Furthermore, there are options from your Windows control panel. Go onto the control panel and click hardware and sounds. This will take you to another tab where you will see adjust system sound. Click on this and adjust the sounds to your preference. 

It is also possible to remove the sound limit that may have been implemented to protect your hearing.

In the US, there is a sound limit of 120 decibels on smartphones and MP3s, whereas Europe is a little stricter with a limit of 85 decibels.

Check these and you may be able to turn your volume a little louder to suit you.

Purchase A Headphone Amplifier

Most of us get quite attached to our headphones. And we don’t mean when we’re tangled up in their wires! More likely than not, your headphones are comfortable for you.

Therefore, you will not want to replace them. If this is the case, it’s recommended that you invest in a headphone amplifier to improve the sound.

Headphones actually work in much the same way as speakers. Bigger amplifiers tend to have a better quality of sound as well as volume.

As headphones are not bulky, they are unable to produce a larger amplifying sound. However, with a standalone amplifier, you could solve your listening woes.

However, there is one issue. Not all headphones are compatible with amplifiers as the majority of amps work only with high-quality over-ear headphones. This can be easily checked by looking at the headphone impedance.

You must ensure that the amp is the correct size for your headphones. Too big and they just will not work with smaller headphones.

Also, if the amplifier is too bulky, your headphones will not be as portable anymore.

To ensure you find the right-sized amplifier for your headphones, we suggest shopping at your headphone’s manufacturer store as they can show you which model fits your headphones best. 

In Summary 

Above are just a few solutions to try and improve your headphone’s sound level. You can also try cleaning your headphone’s ear tips and earbuds as these can sometimes get clogged over the years, leading to a muffled, lower sound emittance.

If your sound continues to be too low for your liking, it may be time to invest in a new set of headphones.