Wifi Speakers — Everything You Need to Know

By Gina

Music is a big aspect of our lives; we listen to it all day, considering the happy and sad times. Moreover, you’ll most likely recall some memories whenever you hear any nostalgic tune that’s played.

But what’s the best way to jam to your favorite tunes? By blasting it through the best wifi speakers, of course! When determining what type of speakers to use, one thing counts above all else: sound quality. And almost everywhere, WiFi speakers beat Bluetooth speakers in terms of sound quality.

Wireless speakers have made it easier to listen to music, particularly when on the move. Also, WiFi speakers for the house have also advanced significantly. As a result, the phrase “WiFi speakers” is often ambiguous. This article will teach you all you need to know about it.

What Are WiFi Speakers?

A WiFi speaker communicates wirelessly with your tablet or smartphone through your home network. This enables you to leave the room with your smartphone without pausing the music. Connect numerous speakers in various rooms to each other using WiFi and a smartphone app. You can establish a multiroom sound arrangement in your house this way.

Are WiFi Speakers Any Good?

WiFi speakers allow you to use your powerful home network, often providing a louder and more reliable signal.

Pros: With WiFi, you may broadcast to several speakers simultaneously. Furthermore, this technology has a greater range than Bluetooth, reaching up to around 200 feet, while 100 to 150 feet is more frequent.

Cons: You have bandwidth constraints, which means that the traffic on your connection (users streaming videos, browsing the web, or downloading information) might impact the quality of your audio streaming.

Setup: A normal WiFi setup entails downloading a smartphone app and completing many steps, usually picking a network ID and inputting a password.

How Do WiFi Speakers Work?

WiFi speakers, without a doubt, deliver superior music quality in bigger areas than other wireless speaker types. A smartphone, tablet, laptop, and wireless speakers connect to a WiFi network instead of Bluetooth speakers, which need a source device.

Because uncompressed WiFi speakers can deliver a far more significant audio signal than Bluetooth speakers, they generally sound much better. In other words, since less data is lost during the data transmission, their larger size generates better sound quality.

However, unlike most Bluetooth speakers, which have rechargeable batteries, WiFi speakers often need an additional power supply, which should be considered.

The WiFi speakers must be hooked to an electrical outlet. Individuals attempting to remove cables may want to avoid adding one to their system.

WiFi Connected Speaker

WiFi speakers are powered only by the strength of the WiFi signal and may be managed by most smart devices on the same network. Also, WiFi speakers connect to a single main system, allowing many speakers to be linked to play music around the home.

Smart devices operate the speakers in this situation, but the music is transmitted from your library or streamed online. Phone calls or other programs will not interfere with your music.


The truth is that wireless speakers have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, but they still have a long way to go regarding the audio quality you want. Choose the best WiFi speakers based on your needs if you’re going to mimic the best home theater experience in the comfort of your own home.